Aman Khan’s Story

Bidar, India

Aman has had vision problems since he was born. He often looks out of the corner of his eye instead of straight ahead when someone speaks to him. It’s not unusual for him to trip and fall. There are no medical facilities in his native village of Malkapur, and after his father passed away in a car accident, they didn’t have the funds to travel the distance for pediatric care.

Several years ago, Aman’s mother sent him to live in a foster home that helped children whose parents could no longer afford to support them. His mother makes what she can off work as a tailor, though it is not enough for her to provide everything she would like for Aman and his three brothers. The foster care supported Aman for several years. But when his vision continued to decline, he was sent home.


The light colored disks in Aman’s eyes are cataracts blocking his vision.

As his vision grew worse, Aman no longer spent time with other children. His mother grew concerned and worried about his future and his education.


Aman (right) with his mother and family members before the surgery in Bidar, India.

But when she went to HelpMeSee’s partner hospital in Bidar, India for an eye checkup of her own, Aman’s mother, Shahida, learned that Dr. Sybil also supported pediatric eye care.

Dr. Sybil’s hospital in Bidar is the closest facility for those from Aman’s village, where most of the population of 3-4,000 make their living from farming.


Aman during eye exams at HelpMeSee’s partner hospital in Bidar, India.

Aman’s mother took him to the Bidar hospital, where the staff identified cataract during an eye exam. After consultations with her medical team, Dr. Sybil completed a brief procedure that removed Aman’s cataract and implanted a new, artificial lens to restore his sight.


Aman with his mother (right) and Dr. Sybil (left) just after surgery. He wears dark glasses to protect his sensitive eyes just after the operation.

The experience struck another chord for Aman too. His new career goal? To be a doctor - just like Dr. Sybil.

"Many thanks to Dr. Sybil and HelpMeSee."


Aman after his successful, sight-restoring surgery with HelpMeSee’s partner surgeon in Bidar, India.