Chhotu's Story

Restoring a Boy’s Sight in Chitrakoot, India

Eleven year old Chhotu has been blind from cataracts for the last three years. Soon after he lost his sight, his grades in class fell. His energy and confidence declined too.


A staff member at HelpMeSee’s partner hospital in Chitrakoot, India tests Chhotu’s vision.


His parents barely recognized his personality. What happened to the active, enthusiastic young boy they knew?


Chhotu in a patient gown before he received surgery in Chitrakoot, India at HelpMeSee’s partner hospital.


Chhotu’s father, a farmer in the village of Bela in Satna District, Madhya Pradesh, went to a community meeting where he talked to the sarpanch (the village leader) about his ailing son. He learned about the free eye camps which Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya, a well known eye hospital in Chitrakoot, organized in various villages.

He lost no time and took his son to the camp.

Hospital staff checks Chhoru's sight Chhotu recovers from surgery

A hospital staff member checks Chhotu’s cataracts at Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya, HelpMeSee’s partner hospital in Chitrakoot, India (left). Chhotu recovers after surgery (right).

As soon as they arrived, eye care workers recognized Chhotu’s condition. It was one they commonly saw and treated: cataract. Yet it was a treatment many people remained unaware of in this region.

At the hospital in Chitrakoot, Chhotu had a successful surgery to restore his sight. And it was made possible with the generosity of HelpMeSee’s supporters.

"I am very happy my son’s future is secured now. Thanks to Sadguru!"