Who We Work With

To treat the estimated 20 million blind due to cataracts (WHO), our program relies on the efforts of proficient cataract care specialists, clinics, and healthcare delivery teams. Participants who would like to work with us can do so in several capacities:

Partner Hospital
Hospital or health care providers who may already be offering cataract care, can receive training on Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) and use our mobilization technology, tools, surgical records systems and campaign portal, to enhance the delivery of quality cataract surgery to their patients.

Partner Surgeon
We can also help the individual provider who would like to start or grow their practice in the delivery of MSICS and follow-up care.

Community Outreach Work
Our community outreach and mobilization platforms are available to the organizations and individuals that reach out to the communities in need of cataract care.

For more information on the ways to get involved as a medical or health care delivery organization download our "Market Solutions in the Fight to End Cataract Blindness" brochure.