Jokhan's story

Even if I am poor, I should try to give my family as much as I can provide

Jokhan Chaudhary is resident of Chaumala Village, Kuchain of Kailali district, Nepal. He was an agricultural laborer who could barely manage to support his family. Altogether, Jokhan cares for five family members including his wife and three children (son 15, daughter 12 and the youngest son, 8). They have a small hut in the village but have no land to cultivate crops or to call their own.

A few years ago, he fell on harder-than-usual times as it became very difficult to meet his family needs (food and clothing) within the limited work and wages he was receiving. At that point, he felt it was best to leave Nepal for India, where he was able to find work as a fisherman near Bangalore.

While working in India, he noticed his vision was getting weaker. It wasn’t long after he realized his diminishing vision had made it extremely difficult to continue his job and had to give up this good opportunity to make a living. With nothing more that he could do, he packed his bags and returned home. Not being able to work, the burden of supporting his family fell on his son and wife. His older son took his place on the same boat near Bangalore and sent part of his earnings to support his family back home. Jokhan’s wife was forced to leave her chores at home behind and took up work in the nearby farms as a day worker.

Back at home, his daughter gave up schooling to fill in for the absence of her mother. She began to conduct the daily chores of the house to keep the family afloat. Jokhan grew very worried about his daughter’s education, and felt guilty that his condition had forced her to give up school, knowing how important it was for her future.

Feeling desperate, Jokhan grew determined to not give in to his blindness and was focused on working again, doing whatever he could ? the thought of his daughter not taking advantage of opportunities to better herself and her situation was not something Jokhan was going to sit by and watch happen.


Word came to his village that there was a special cataract program at Geta Eye Hospital in Nepal. With the help of his wife, he traveled to the hospital for an eye exam. By this time, his sight was almost completely gone due to bilateral cataracts. Fortunately, he was a perfect candidate for the HelpMeSee campaign.

Suffice to say; when the bandages were removed during his first post-operation exam, he was thrilled to have regained his vision. His first thought was his daughter and her education. He said, "Now I can go back to work, provide for my family and make sure that my daughter returns to school."

Jokhan has returned home and is back into a role as the provider. He is happy and looking forward to seeing his daughter and youngest son find their lives through education.


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