Lomegno’s Story

Badema was visiting relatives in villages outside of Lome when he heard that his relative Lomegno had become blind. He paid Lomegno a visit, and indeed she was living in darkness.

"She can’t see. She cannot recognized me,” said Badema. “She was crying and weeping telling me, brother, I’ve become blind."

Lomegno is a farmer, but after losing her sight, she was unable to work. Her savings did not allow her to afford cataract surgery.

In the morning, all those in the village would go out to the farms to work. Lomegno would stay in the village, with no one there to help her. She was not able to even prepare food, and sat with an empty stomach until people come back with food for her. Badema and Lomegno prayed and prayed that one day, there would be help. Then Badema heard that a doctor in Lome was offering free cataract surgeries. He quickly told Lomegno, and they headed into Lome.

They arrived at Lumiere Divine, a clinic run by Togolese Ophthalmologist Dr. Abram

Wodome. Dr. Wodome works closely with HelpMeSee to offer free, quality cataract surgeries to those that are in need. During Lomegno’s first visit to the clinic, they operated on her right eye. The quick, $50 USD cataract surgery transformed her life.

She no longer had to depend on her family and friends for basic living necessities. She can now cook, do chores and live her life again.

In August 2013, Badema got a call from Lumiere Divine, and they invited Lomegno back to the clinic to receive her second free cataract surgery through the HelpMeSee Campaign. Dr. Wodome performed another successful surgery, and now Lomegno can see clearly with both her eyes.

"She’s a free women now," said Badema. After her second surgery, Lomegno sat down with a big smile on her face, saying “thank you!” Her prayers have been answered, and through the HelpMeSee Campaign, she can now see and may continue her farming, and other day-to-day duties. She is once again a happy woman who looks forward to the light in her life.