Munasib's Story

Restoring sight to a young boy in India

Like many three year olds Munasib, whose name means “appropriate", holds a place close to his family’s heart. Living with his extended family in the foothills of the Aravalli mountain chain in northern India, Munasib lives a modest life with many generations of his family under the same roof.

Munasib and family at homeMunasib's cousins

Munasib brought joy to his family when he was born, but only a year into his life his parents began to notice something was wrong. He would fall, run into objects, and eventually stopped playing for fear of hurting himself. Would vision problems plague Munasib's young life, or would he have a chance to grow up healthy alongside his cousins?

Munasib and mom banner

Soon after, Munasib was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts – he had a cataract in each of his eyes. This meant his sight could be restored, but with his father’s modest income, his parents were unsure how they could afford the surgery.

Shortly after his third birthday, Munasib’s life would change forever. When Munasib's family learned about HelpMeSee, his father journeyed over 90 miles of desert and mountain terrain to bring him to Venu Eye Hospital, HelpMeSee’s partner hospital in Delhi.

His family were relieved when Munasib had a successful cataract surgery on his left eye. After his successful recovery, his family brought him back again to receive sight-restoring treatment for his right eye.

Munasib and Dad at hospitalMunasib and family at hospital

Back at home, Munasib has now become one of the more active members of his family. Where he used to under the watchful eye of his mother and grandfather, Munasib now ventures confidently beyond the confines of his family home, even visiting a nearby shop to buy sweets.

Munasib and cousins at homeMunasib and grandfather at home

Munasib loves to play with his cousins at home. Soon he will be able to walk to the village school. With vision restored in both of his eyes, Munasib’s parents can look forward to a secure future for their son.

Munasib and Mom at home