Rajan's Story

Restoring sight to a teenage girl in Nepal

Rajan was just a young girl when she started losing her sight. At 13 years-old her vision became blurry due to bilateral cataracts.

Growing up in a small village in Nepal with little access to health care, she faced an uncertain future. Because of her blindness, Rajan was unable to attend school or even help with household tasks. Her family worried how she would take care of herself once she grew up.

Rajan at home alone

With the loss of her vision, Rajan became withdrawn, spending most of her time locked away in her small village home. Her father said, "I was always worried about her well being." She was no longer the bright, cheery daughter and friend her family knew her to be.

Thankfully her family heard about a vision screening camp in a nearby town. Rajan and her mother walked the mountainous terrain to reach the camp. At first she was scared and concerned, but the medical officers explained that Rajan had cataracts, which they would be able to treat that same day.

Vision screeningRajan's cataract screening

Rajan’s whole life changed in just a few minutes. Our partner surgeon from Geta Eye Hospital removed her cataracts, and the next day, she could see again.

rajan cutout.jpgRajan smiles

A year later, she is back to being the cheerful teenager that people remember. Her grandmother told us, "I felt very happy for my granddaughter. She could not see earlier but now she's started seeing." Once her life was cloaked in darkness, but now light and hope have returned.

Thanks to the generosity of HelpMeSee's supporters, Rajan was able to receive sight-restoring surgery. To learn more about how you can support treatment for someone like her, please consider making a one-time gift or monthly donation to HelpMeSee.