Sufiyan's story

Sufiyan is 2-years-old and suffering from bilateral cataracts.

A widely held myth is that cataract affects only elderly people. This is clearly not the case of baby Sufiyan, who is nearly 2-years-old and suffering from bilateral cataracts.


Sufiyan lives with his family in a small town of Bidar, Karnataka, India. His father is the only breadwinner of the family and works in a shop fixing bicycles. Sufiyan is the second child and was described as a happy baby, but his parents started noticing differences in his development at an early age.

His response to visual stimulation became delayed and his parents noticed the development of white spots in both his eyes. Eventually, the spots grew and Sufiyan no longer responded to the sight of his parents. It was only through verbal or contact stimulation that Sufiyan would recognize his surroundings and respond to his parents. Before the cataracts set in, Sufiyan would smile when he saw his father coming home from work. Now, with cataracts stealing his vision, Sufiyan no longer knows when his father is near unless he hears him or feels his touch.

Falling deeper into despair over the blindness of their child and not having the money to treat Sufiyan, they turned to HelpMeSee partner surgeons at Velmegna hospital, where cataract surgeries are provided at no cost under the HelpMeSee campaign.

Sufiyan underwent bilateral cataract surgery and is now able to see, grow and be a happy child.