Ritik’s Story

The Boy from Bollywood, Chitrakoot, India

Two year old Ritik loves dancing to the tunes of Bollywood music. His parents even named him after one of its stars, Ritik Roshan. Ritik’s mom jokes that he takes after his dad’s interest in Hindi cinema and the actors with the best dancing skills.


Ritik and his parents after a successful follow up visit after surgery.

Ritik’s dad, Manoj, works as the helper in a small shop in Madhya Pradesh, central India. When his son was one and a half years old and began to move around more, Manoj and his wife grew concerned. Ritik would often bump into things in his home. He didn’t seem to notice colorful toys. His parents began to fear something was wrong with his sight.

They visited a nearby doctor who refereed them to Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya. The hospital is HelpMeSee’s largest partner in India and worldwide. Since the joint partnership began, HelpMeSee has supported nearly 110,000 sight-restoring surgeries performed by the staff surgeons. The hospital in Chitrakoot is also one of the few in that part of India with so many resources dedicated to children’s eye care.


Medical staff use a light to evaluate the cataract in Ritik’s left eye before surgery in Chitrakoot, India.

At the children’s eye clinic in Chitrakoot, doctors confirmed that Ritik had cataracts. If he didn’t have surgery soon, he would remain blind for the rest of his life. Pediatric cases usually have to be addressed at a young age for the child to regain the most sight.

Fortunately, Ritik’s case was caught early. His eye operation was done by the pediatric surgeon on staff and made possible with support from HelpMeSee. Before they left, the doctor trained his parents on caring for him after surgery, including the follow up a month after surgery.

Now Ritik will have the normal childhood that he almost missed and keep up his dancing. Who knows, we may even see him soon on the stage at Bollywood.

"Ritik is our hope for the future,” said his father, Manoj. “We are very happy that we got the best treatment with no cost. Our child’s future is safe now. Thanks to HelpMeSee and Sadguru!"