Dom Cham's Story

The Policeman

Dom Cham’s neighborhood in Banjul, The Gambia.

Before he began to go blind, Dom Cham worked as a local policeman in Banjul, the capital city of The Gambia. At 58, he is still young and healthy and planned to continue working to support his family. His only daughter followed in his footsteps and now works alongside him in the city’s police force.

Dom’s youngest family members, granddaughter Fatou (3) and grandson Amadou (4), spend most of their time keeping him company or playing with their dog on the porch of their home.

As his vision began to decline, he tried to stay at work. It was difficult to see, but he did his best to manage. Yet his sight continued to worsen, and after he took a break for several weeks, Dom realized he needed to seek care.


Dom Cham at home before surgery to remove severe cataracts.

Dom could no longer read stories to his grandchildren because he couldn’t recognize the letters. He knew something was wrong.

With a referral to Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Center, HelpMeSee’s local partner hospital, Dom was able to see an eye specialist. The diagnosis was an all too common one-cataract blindness.

Dom was diagnosed with severe cataracts in both of his eyes and added to a growing waitlist of patients who needed care. During the beginning of HelpMeSee’s campaign in The Gambia, outreach screeners visited his home to register him for surgery. The following week, a successful operation removed his cataracts and used an artificial lens to restore his sight.


A HelpMeSee team member photographs Dom as part of the pre-surgery registration.

With the cost of the operation and the medical supplies supported by HelpMeSee, Dom was able to receive the care that he needed. Not long afterwards he was back on the job, reading stories to his grandchildren and keeping the streets of Banjul safe.


Dom with his grandson Amadou Cham (4) and granddaughter Fatou Cham (3).