Mahjabeen’s Story

The Potter’s Daughter

A HelpMeSee partner surgeon conducts an eye exam on Mahjabeen

Ahsaan Khan works as a potter in Madhya Pradesh, a state in the central part of north India. His young three-year-old daughter, Mahjabeen, had suffered from vision problem for some time, but Ahsaan didn’t think their family could afford treatment-or if there was even a treatment at all.


Light reflects off cataracts in Mahjabeen’s eyes.

Near the end of summer in 2015, as Ahsaan went to the local market to sell his pottery, he heard an announcement for a free eye care screening in the area. The screening was to be held by Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya (SNC), a hospital in Chitrakoot, India. Curious, he spoke to the organizers to learn more and see if they could help his daughter. Sure enough, the eye camp was a regular screening event the hospital offered to people living near Ahsaan’s neighborhood, and they had a specialty unit for pediatric care.

Ahsaan immediately brought his daughter to the camp when he heard they could check her eyes. He was still unsure what hurt the young girl’s vision, but here at least was hope.


When they examined her eyes, health workers at the screening camp confirmed that Mahjabeen suffered from cataract.

Ahsaan and his wife traveled with Mahjabeen to the specialist Children’s Eye Care Center at SNC. After a brief procedure, a HelpMeSee partner surgeon was able to remove her cataract and restore her sight.


Mahjabeen smiles after her cataract surgery to restore her vision.

Not long after the surgery, Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya’s hospital staff had the opportunity to talk to Ahsaan and his wife about their child’s surgery.

"This means a world for us, what you all have enabled. Thank you, HelpMeSee and SNC!"