Narshimma’s story 

The Tailor’s Son, Karnataka, India

When his son began to do poorly in school, Hanumanth knew something was wrong. Young Narshimma used to excel in class, but for months his grades and his interest in school work declined. Hanumanth’s wife, Narsamma, began to worry too about their son’s future and health. What happened to the bright-eyed, enthusiastic child they once knew?


When a relative told them about a local HelpMeSee partner hospital, he and his wife decided to take 7-year-old Narshimma for an eye exam. They still did not know what affected their young son, but it seemed to be a problem with his vision.

At the hospital they met Dr. Sybil Meshramkar, the leader of Velemegna Good News Society and a HelpMeSee partner surgeon in the south Indian state of Karnataka. After a standard eye exam on Narshimma, she reached an all too common diagnosis - cataract.


Dr. Sybil, a HelpMeSee surgeon based in the state of Karnataka, India.

Hanumanth supports his family from the monthly salary of 3,000 rupees (about $47) he makes in his business as a tailor. It was just enough for their basic expenses, but would it be enough to treat his son?


Hanumanth carries his son after a successful surgery to remove the boy’s cataracts at HelpMeSee’s partner hospital in Karnataka, India.

Fortunately, Dr. Sybil was prepared to help.

With support from HelpMeSee, Dr. Sybil completed a standard eye surgery to remove the cataracts from Narshimma’s eyes. She implanted new lenses that would help him see clearly once again.

Soon after his successful surgery, Narshimma was back in the classroom, and he didn’t just improve- he excelled! Narshimma was so much more confident in class after his eye surgery that he decided that when he gets older, he wants to pursue his passion for education as a teacher.


Narshimma after a successful operation to remove cataracts in his eyes.