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Every month your donation can bring sight back into someone's life!

HelpMeSee is committed to eliminating cataract blindness, the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Through partnerships with hundreds of surgeons in nearly a dozen countries, along with cutting-edge technology and training, we are building a sustainable solution to this health crisis.

We need you to make this solution work and together we can make a bigger impact! With your generous support, we can provide training to cataract specialists to perform high volume and high quality cataract surgeries to millions of blind people. Together, we can bring sight back to people across the world every day.

You can give someone the chance to see the world again.

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What is it like for someone living with cataracts?

Before: Untreated cataracts lead to severe visual impairment and blindness.
After: A 5 minute procedure can restore a patient’s sight.


For millions around the world, this is their everyday reality.

  • Over 20 million people are bilaterally blind because of cataracts.
  • 82 million more are visually impaired by cataracts.
  • 90% of those cataract blind or visually impaired live in developing countries.

But it doesn't need to be this way - vision lost to a cataract can be fully restored.

We have the solutions to end this global health crisis. Now we need help from YOU!


How you can help

Surgical Kit


Your donation of $9 a month can supply two pre-sterilized surgical kits to deliver care in remote areas around the world (30¢ /day).

Reach App


Your donation of $17 a month can support a patient outreach team to locate and assist patients to receive treatment using our Reach App (55¢/day).



Your donation of $30 a month (less than a dollar a day) can provide sight-restoring surgery to a child, or for three adults (99¢/day).



Your donation of $84 a month can cover the cost of ten sight-restoring surgeries to people who are in need of cataract treatment in developing countries, changing the lives of a community in just one day ($2.80/day).




Donate Now


Your monthly gifts to HelpMeSee supports:

  • Stable and reliable investment allows us to plan future campaigns, and reach even more people in existing campaign countries.
  • Recurring donations help decrease fundraising costs, so more funding can be invested where it matters most.
  • Grows our community of people who want to make a lasting change around the world.
  • Helps create a bigger, more sustainable impact to reduce blindness!


Make an Impact


Benefits for monthly donors include:​

Welcome package

Welcome package for all new members

Photos and stories

Photos and stories of people you are helping around the world

Updates on blindness elimination

Updates about our progress in eliminating cataract blindness


Invitations to special events


Fewer monthly mailings

Annual Receipt

Tax deductible annual receipt


Most importantly, your monthly gifts will help even more people regain the gift of sight!

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​Other ways to donate


To donate by phone: give us a call and we are here to help +1-212-221-7606

To donate by mail, please download and print this donation form.

For further information, please email us at: