The Problem in Myanmar

Percentage of Blind Population Myanmar


of Blindness attributed to
cataracts (WHO)

People Who Are Blind Due to Cataract


people who are blind due to cataracts (HelpMeSee)


Opthalmologists per Million in Myanmar


ophthalmologists for every 1 million people (ICOP) 


Our Solution

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Simulator Based Training 

Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) is a safe, effective, and low cost procedure to cure cataract blindness. The centerpiece of our strategy is to use high-fidelity virtual reality simulators that will allow rapid high quality training on this procedure. Simulator-based training provides a "live" surgical experience, replacing traditional surgical training previously performed on live patients with associated risks. 

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HelpMeSee Reach App

The Reach app allows community health workers to locate, screen, schedule and follow-up with patients using the latest in mobile technology. Paired with cloud-based reporting system, Reach can optimize the placement of new clinics based on actual patient location data. The Reach app empowers community workers with an unprecedented level of outreach and efficiency to maximize campaign awareness. 

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Surgical Kit & Quality Assurance 

Safe surgery is the pillar of all HelpMeSee's campaigns. Single-use surgical kits provide partners with a standardized set of tools necessary to perform a single MSICS procedure. All surgeries are documented in a cloud-based surgical reporting system.  These two aspects of our program ensure quality control standards to measure and maintain our high level of success. 

Our Partners

Trafigura Foundation

The Trafigura Foundation, one of the world’s leading commodity training companies, has funded the production of 8,200 MSICS surgical kits to be used in Myanmar and select countries where HelpMeSee operates.

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