Where is the New HelpMeSee Office?

HelpMeSee has a new office in Europe and if you look at the “orange” in our logo it might give you a hint to where this office is located. The city is sometimes called the “Venice of the North”.

Our new location is in Amsterdam. In the Netherlands the royal family is known as the House of Orange-Nassau and you can also travel on the city’s world famous canals.


Headed by our Dutch representative Rogier Scholten, the Netherlands office is an important location for HelpMeSee. Moog, the company working on the development of the virtual reality surgical simulator is based in the country. (Moog is the same company that developed the simulators used by Flight Safety to make the company a leader in aviation training.) Amsterdam will be the center of our fundraising, outreach and awareness efforts for all of Europe.

Within the first week of opening this office hosted guests from China, India, and the USA. Our Dutch website will be launching within the next month.

Like our HelpMeSee Nederland Facebook page to watch for the announcement.