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Simulation-based Training Program Testimonials

HelpMeSee Simulation-based Training Program Testimonials

Tristan Bourcier, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology at Strasbourg University Hospital, France
“HelpMeSee has a beautiful mission – to cure blindness – and an approach to simulation-based training that delivers a unique, immersive experience. The training intersects three key things: an instructor, who is a trained and experienced surgeon, that is coaching you every step of the way; a powerful simulator; and an eBook that is rich in assets for learning. The quality of the images and the haptic feedback creates a combination that is the dream team for anyone learning modern cataract surgery.”

Royce W.S. Chen, MD

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Columbia University Medical Center, USA
“At Columbia University, we have integrated HelpMeSee’s simulation-based training into our overall curriculum for our residents. Their model of an instructor-led course of concentrated, high-fidelity simulation training represents a paradigm shift in ophthalmic education that will make our residents stronger surgeons.”

Jay Arora, MD

Arora Eye, AZ, USA

“After a hiatus, transitioning to my own practice led to a decline in my surgical skills. I regained confidence and expertise, thanks to expert guidance during immersive training at HelpMeSee. As a cataract surgeon, mastering MSICS through simulation enhances my ability to offer safer options for challenging cases, expanding patient care possibilities.”

Ravindran Ravilla, MD

Chairman and Director of Quality, Aravind Eye Care System, India
“For our team at Aravind, the HelpMeSee simulation-based training has helped in better surgical training to significantly minimize the surgical complications, thereby improving the quality of patient care we provide through our residents.”

Current Testimonials

Dr. Neto Rosatelli

Ophthalmologist, Cataract Surgeon, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
It was truly an amazing experience, and I am extremely impressed with the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator’s capabilities. The surgical simulation was incredibly realistic, with accurate tissue response and a genuine “feel” to the controls. I was able to adapt quickly to the simulation-based training environment and controls which made the experience immersive and enjoyable. I was particularly impressed with the feedback information provided by the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator including the dissection depth gauge and the blade angle indicator. These unique cues are incredibly helpful even for experienced surgeons, and I believe they can greatly improve surgical technique. Overall, this is hands down the best surgery simulator I have ever tried.”

Dr. Gabriela J. Trabal

Cataract Refractive Specialist, San Juan, Puerto Rico
“I don’t think anybody with any number of years’ experience would be bored or find the course not valuable. What’s great about the instructors is that they have done cataract surgery several times which is invaluable. During the training, when we had questions that pop up, we can talk to the instructors and ask what did you do when this happened to you?”

Dr. Bethany Rommel

Ophthalmologist, Lancaster, PA, USA
“It was an excellent program and it was like a condensed residency. It was great not only was the hands-on aspect extremely valuable, the ability to do repetition after repetition but because of the instant feedback. That is one of the most amazing things about surgery in general in the world of medicine – you get feedback. To have this instant feedback from the technical data from the machine, and from two experts watching with a wealth of knowledge providing feedback along with it. The consistancy and condense nature of it was invaluable.”

Dr. Vasco Da Gama

Ophthalmologist, Zambézia, Mozambique
“After practicing a lot in the HelpMeSee Simulation-based Training, I improved a lot of my skills in performing capsulorhexis. The more you practice, you feel like you spend less time doing it when you are in real surgery because it feels real. The HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator helped me have a good possible outcome the next day.”

Dr. Oscar Cabañas, MD

Instituto Mexicano Del Seguro Social, Yucatan, Mexico
“At the Instituto Mexicano Del Seguro Social, Yucatan, there are only two doctors performing MSICS surgeries. They were pleased to observe my proficient performance in MSICS surgery despite my limited experience.”

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HelpMeSee is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the United States.

The HelpMeSee mission is to eradicate preventable cataract blindness globally. We achieve this through an innovative, scalable simulation-based cataract surgical training program. Our program covers Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS), Phacoemulsification Simulation-based Training Course (PSTC), Suturing Simulation-based Training Course (SSTC), Complications Management Course (CMC), Phacoemulsification to MSICS Differences Course (PMDC), and MSICS to Phacoemulsification Differences Course (MPDC). These offerings empower eye care professionals to refine their skills, master vital procedures, and excel in ophthalmology. We are dedicated to restoring vision for those with severe visual impairment and cataract-induced blindness worldwide.

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