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Posted on June 1, 2023

June Newsletter

I want to share with you a chance meeting that inspired me. Your support of HelpMeSee made it possible.

Last month I traveled to a remote part of the world where our team is training new cataract specialists. While I was there, I met a mother and her two young children. One was a 13-yearold boy named Marc Andy. He had been blind in both eyes until a surgeon trained by HelpMeSee performed a procedure that restored his sight.

Marc Andy wrote to me after our meeting to express his gratitude. He is considering becoming an eye surgeon one day so he can help others as he was helped. He’s learning to play chess now that his sight is completely restored.

Your belief in HelpMeSee’s mission made this story possible. Thank you for believing that vision is a human right. Working together, we are ensuring this right is not denied to the world’s poorest people—people who cannot access the care we take for granted.

We’ve made so much progress, but there is much work to be done. There are 100 million more people like Marc Andy who are blind or visually impaired because they cannot get access to sight-restoring surgery.

In future newsletters, I’ll continue to tell you about people whose lives have been changed because you care.

Your compassion humbles me. Because of you, millions of people like Marc Andy who struggle in darkness now have hope.

With great appreciation,

Saro Jahani

President and CEO of HelpMeSee


Amba is an 85-year-old Indian woman whose life was brought to a halt by cataract. Blind in both eyes, her family had to care for her; she had become totally dependent on others.

A HelpMeSee-trained cataract specialist operated on Amba. She was lying on the surgical bed during the procedure. As soon as the first cataract was removed—when she realized she could see—she started moving all around right there on the table! She couldn’t contain her excitement.

When you make a gift to HelpMeSee, you’re giving someone the skills to cure cataract blindness. They will operate on hundreds, even thousands of patients in the coming years. This is just one story of one patient whose life was forever changed.

Dr. Mandah Bayaraa was Amba’s surgeon. An Indian ophthalmologist, he said, “We do not do cataract surgery during our residency program. So, I did not have the chance to practice cataract surgery.” His training with HelpMeSee allowed him to learn and perform realistic cataract surgeries on the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator, giving him the confidence he needed to begin performing live surgeries.

Amba’s joy-filled movements on the operating table when her cataract was removed was a moment Dr. Bayaraa will never forget. He said, “Even though it made the procedure a bit difficult, I was extremely happy for her. After the surgery, she literally prayed towards me. She prayed and thanked everyone in the room.”

Please join us in our goal of eradicating cataract blindness by making a gift to HelpMeSee today. Your donation will train more cataract specialists like Dr. Bayaraa, who will in turn restore sight to thousands of people like Amba. There are millions more who are in need.

Your gift will create a ripple effect, paying big dividends of sight far into the future!

With gratitude,

Saro Jahani


“Will you help?”

These are words that, sadly, HelpMeSee hears often. Far too often.

They are the words spoken by the mother of a school-age boy diagnosed with cataract.

Imagine how she feels.

Her child has been living with the condition for years; his vision is gradually deteriorating.

Although she knows there are treatments for cataract, none is available in her area. And, even if she could find help, the cost of surgery would be far beyond her means.

Because of our community of caring, compassionate supporters, HelpMeSee has an answer to that mother’s urgent question.

Yes, we will help. Your son will have a second chance at life.

Every day our supporters enable this story to happen many times worldwide.

Together, we bring hope and light to places where there isn’t any.


I want to share an example of how your support of HelpMeSee is changing the world, one life at a time.

Paul is a 58-year-old farmer in Madagascar. He lives with his wife and children in a wood, mud, and thatch hut. Bilateral cataract blindness made it impossible for him to work and care for his family. As a result, he became totally dependent and their living conditions became desperate.

HelpMeSee currently trains African doctors in a form of surgery called Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) in our Madagascar Training Center. Dr. Mathieu, a local doctor trained by HelpMeSee, performed the MSICS procedure and restored Paul’s sight.

Now Paul can feed his family. He is once again the productive person who makes himself proud. Your support of HelpMeSee transformed both Paul’s life and that of his family.

HelpMeSee addresses the root problem—the critical shortage of cataract surgeons—rather than just raising funds for surgeries. With our comprehensive training program, there is hope for the 100 million people worldwide suffering from cataract.

Because of you, Dr. Mathieu and other local cataract specialists will change the lives of thousands of people like Paul. Thousands of families will have better lives.

I have a question for you…

Are you the kind of person who wants to see people like Paul care for their families, work hard, and live their lives to the fullest?

If you answered YES!, please donate to our mission to end cataract blindness today. Your gift will allow HelpMeSee to train thousands more cataract specialists like Dr. Mathieu.

Your compassion will be felt for years to come.

With gratitude,

Saro Jahani


As we reflect on 2022, I am so grateful for your kindness and compassion.

You didn’t have to care about the millions suffering from treatable cataract blindness.

But you did.

You didn’t have to be someone who thinks about how you can make the world a better place.

But you did.

So, today, you are part of a global community of humanitarians who believe everyone should have access to cataract surgery that can restore the miracle of sight.

Your support of HelpMeSee has helped provide free sight-restoring surgery for people who are blind due to cataract worldwide. From an elderly person who can now see their grandchild’s face to a parent who can return to work, the gift of restored sight ¬ is nothing short of life-changing.

Working together, our donors and partners around the world have accomplished so much.

• More than 1,500 cataract specialists were trained in 2022 alone.

• The miracle of sight was restored to more than 260,000 people.

• We’ve built partnerships with global universities and innovators, expanding our reach.

And that’s just the beginning.

Using innovative technology, we can train thousands more cataract specialists in the days to come.

As we look ahead into 2023, there is much work to be done. Right now, more than 100 million people remain blind or visually impaired—simply because they cannot access sight-restoring surgery. As a result, most live alone, in darkness.

Because of you, today, they have hope.

Thank you for seeing them. Thank you for caring about their suffering. Without you, their voices would go unheard.

With deep gratitude,

Saro Jahani

President and CEO of HelpMeSee

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