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Our Training Philosophy

Our Cataract Surgery Training Philosophy

Most recent improvements in surgery outcomes were achieved through the use of newer devices, better drugs, and improved procedures. Rarely has there been a focus on surgical technique and performance. Complicating matters, the traditional method for cataract surgery training with mentored observation has become less effective due to the lack of operating opportunities and work time restrictions. New foundations for training are needed to improved surgery training.

Fundamental aspects of simulation-based training incorporated into HelpMeSee’s cataract surgery simulation-based training design include:

Traditional Training vs Simulation 

Standardized Outcome-Oriented Goals


HelpMeSee has implemented standardization within the cataract surgery training programs with a structured curriculum and systematic design. Every aspect of HelpMeSee training from courseware resources, to instructional modalities, delivery means, instructor competencies, student assessments, and the achievement of goals has been standardized.


Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions


Instructors guide classroom sessions in a question and answer format that seeks active participation from students.


Learner-Centric Curriculum


HelpMeSee simulation-based training focuses on developing skills through deliberate practice on the Eye Surgery Simulator. Trainees achieve surgical competency using objective simulator session assessment and instructor feedback.


FOCUS ON Patient Safety


The Eye Surgery Simulator provides a safe environment where students can learn from their mistakes. HelpMeSee’s training programs prepare trainees to a level of competence and confidence that has the potential to reduce errors before they gain experience in live surgery.


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