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Stories of Hope
Meet Dr. Min Gao from China

Meet Dr. Min Gao from China

 When Dr. Min Gao first began studying ophthalmology, she dreamed of becoming an independent surgeon who could help restore sight to people in China. In 2006, Dr. Gao started her career working at Beijing Chaotan Hospital. By 2014, she finished her Ph.D. program. When...

HelpMeSee Celebrates World Health Day 2018

HelpMeSee Celebrates World Health Day 2018

HelpMeSee celebrates World Health Day (WHD), an annual celebration recognizing global healthcare as a fundamental human right, which was first demanded by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. In honor of WHO’s 70th anniversary, HelpMeSee declares our support...

Meet Dr. Bidya Pant from Nepal

Meet Dr. Bidya Pant from Nepal

One of HelpMeSee’s first partner surgeons, Dr. Bidya Prasad Pant has built a long and successful career working to eradicate blindness. From Geta Eye Hospital in Nepal, where it’s estimated he has performed over 100,000 eye surgeries, and now working with his team in...

The Evolution of HelpMeSee’s Eye Surgery Simulator

The Evolution of HelpMeSee’s Eye Surgery Simulator

"I do not know if blindness is a curse but sight is a miracle.”  - Unknown.The Impact of Sight Innovators create to fulfill a need to make life easier, better or safer. The latter spurred HelpMeSee’s co-founder, Al Ueltschi to create FlightSafety International in...

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HelpMeSee is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the United States.

The HelpMeSee mission is to eradicate preventable cataract blindness globally. We achieve this through an innovative, scalable simulation-based cataract surgical training program. Our program covers Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS), Phacoemulsification Simulation-based Training Course (PSTC), Suturing Simulation-based Training Course (SSTC), Complications Management Course (CMC), Phacoemulsification to MSICS Differences Course (PMDC), and MSICS to Phacoemulsification Differences Course (MPDC). These offerings empower eye care professionals to refine their skills, master vital procedures, and excel in ophthalmology. We are dedicated to restoring vision for those with severe visual impairment and cataract-induced blindness worldwide.

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