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Posted on June 24, 2020

We must give all our money to the blind!

“Grandpa, we’ve got to give all of our money to help the blind.”

A grandfather and HelpMeSee donor, Joe G., shared a story with us when he decided to teach his 8-year-old granddaughter the family values of assisting the less fortunate and helping her to understand philanthropy as a life lesson.

This grandfather took six brochures from the more popular global charities and spread them out on the dining room table. He then gave his granddaughter three separate, $5-dollar bills. The grandfather asked his granddaughter to go through each brochure and then pick the three charities she could give $5 each.

When the granddaughter got to the HelpMeSee brochure, she asked her grandfather about blindness and asked, “Grandpa, what is it like to be blind?”

The grandfather thought the best way to explain blindness was to tie a blindfold around her eyes and let her try and walk through the house.

They did this with the blindfold and the grandfather walked with her ensuring that his granddaughter would not stumble or bump her head.

When they got back to the dining room table, the granddaughter removed her blindfold and exclaimed, “Grandpa, we have got to give all of our money to help the blind!” and declared all three of her $5 bills must go to help the blind.

To this day, each year, Joe G., his granddaughter, and their family support HelpMeSee in its mission to cure cataract blindness by training cataract specialists to serve the poor in the developing world in India, China, North Africa, Mexico and the U.S.

What a great story about teaching younger generations what it’s like to be blind, along with the importance of philanthropic, giving that they will keep their entire lives.

Even in these trying times, we hope you too, will choose HelpMeSee as your family’s charitable organization to help restore sight to the less fortunate around the world who suffer from cataract blindness.

Donate to HelpMeSee, just like Joseph’s granddaughter, so we can restore vision through cataract surgery training to help the blind.

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