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Create a Lasting Legacy

Planned gifts to HelpMeSee allow you to meet philanthropic goals while providing financial benefits for you and your family. A thoughtful gift of any size will ensure the miracle of restored vision for years to come. The types of planned gifts listed below represent ways to become an important part of HelpMeSee’s future.



A Bequest from your Will or Living Trust is a simple way to ensure the continued success of HelpMeSee and supports your philanthropic goals without impacting financial resources in your lifetime.

You can make a specific bequest from a Will or Living Trust for an exact dollar amount, a percentage of the total estate or as a percentage of the residuary estate after all taxes, debts, payments and other bequests that have been made by the estate. Identifying specific securities or real estate is also an option.

To help you get started on your plans and legacy, you can use FreeWill, an online tool that guides you through the process of creating your will or trust. It’s easy to use, accessible online and can be completed in 20 minutes. You can use this resource on it’s own or use it to document your wishes before finalizing your plans with an attorney.

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Individual Retirement Accounts ( IRA’s), 401K plans, Pension Plans, Keough Plans and other qualified retirement savings plans allow you, the Donor, to designate HelpMeSee as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or retirement account.

With a significant tax burden on children or other non-charitable heirs, excluding your spouse, as the recipients, retirement plans designating HelpMeSee as the beneficiary is a great way to make a gift while avoiding individual income taxes and estate taxes on retirement plans.

Also, the IRA rollover, signed into law in 2015, allows up to $100,000 each year to be transferred to HelpMeSee, directly from the Donor’s account holder, which counts towards the Donor’s required minimum distribution (RMD), This IRA rollover allows the Donor to make a significant gift and to avoid income taxes on the distribution.


Do you have an IRA, 401(k), life-insurance policy or any other assets not included in your will? If so, these are called non-probate assets and you must plan your beneficiaries for them separately. Naming HelpMeSee as a beneficiary can create a significant impact on curing cataract blindess without impacting your financial assets during your lifetime.

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You may qualify to receive an immediate income tax deduction. Consult with your accountant or attorney for more details.


As a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, HelpMeSee can sell donated stocks or mutual funds without tax consequences.

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A Planned Gift of securities or real estate or a present-day gift of securities or real estate is an excellent way to take a low-income producing asset that has appreciated greatly in value and turn it into a present-day income tax deduction and have it removed from your estate avoiding estate taxes on the Donor’s estate. A tax professional can advise the Donor on receiving income from the sale and reinvestment of the securities or real estate in the form of a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust.

Protect your loved ones with FreeWill’s easy-to-use, legally sound estate planning tool that allows you to write a valid will in just 20 minutes and support the causes you love.



If you would like to speak to someone or have questions, contact Jennifer Burroughs through an email by clicking the button below.


We contributed to HelpMeSee through a Charitable Gift Annuity as we believe in the mission to eliminate cataract blindness through the training of developing world cataract surgeons. Through a Charitable Gift Annuity, we receive income now at a higher rate of interest, based on our age. By donating to HelpMeSee in this way, we secure the income tax deduction today, while receiving a life-time stream of annual income and avoid any estate taxes in the future. It is a win-win situation! Steven made the process so simple that all we had to do was sign the documents. Best of all, we know we are helping restore vision to the underserved, poor blind and will continue to make an impact.

Claudio and Ruth Padre

California, USA

We chose to partner with HelpMeSee for our annuity because of their great mission and work in curing the blind. We were delighted with the smooth process as the HelpMeSee team came to our home and provided us with all of the easy to understand paperwork. All we had to do is sign the contract and now we receive a stream of income for the rest of our lives while leaving a gift to HelpMeSee.

Robert and Masako Trickey

Oklahoma, USA

We decided to leave one-third of our estate to a health care related services organization, and support HelpMeSee. We like the idea of a quick, low-cost surgery that will restore the sight of children and adults, living in poverty around the world. This surgery not only restores sight, but it also restores lives. We feel like our bequest will have a lasting impact and accomplish our legacy of helping others in need.

Bruce and Debbie Lane

Kentucky, USA

HelpMeSee is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the United States.

Download HelpMeSee’s 501(c)(3) determination letter by clicking here.

The information on this website is not intended as legal, accounting, or other professional advice. For assistance in charitable planning, consult a lawyer for legal advice or the services of a qualified professional tax advisor.

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HelpMeSee is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the United States.

The HelpMeSee mission is to eradicate preventable cataract blindness globally. We achieve this through an innovative, scalable simulation-based cataract surgical training program. Our program covers Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS), Phacoemulsification Simulation-based Training Course (PSTC), Suturing Simulation-based Training Course (SSTC), Complications Management Course (CMC), Phacoemulsification to MSICS Differences Course (PMDC), and MSICS to Phacoemulsification Differences Course (MPDC). These offerings empower eye care professionals to refine their skills, master vital procedures, and excel in ophthalmology. We are dedicated to restoring vision for those with severe visual impairment and cataract-induced blindness worldwide.

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